DB2 UDB Administration

DB2 is a database engine from IBM.  Lot of people get scared when they hear about DB2, its mostly because people don’t know its easy to learn and simple to use yet produces robust results.  This course is designed to teach from basics of DB2 to advance DB2. After this course you will have the confidence of writing the DB2 certification exams.

Skill Level : Novice to Intermediate

Duration:  3 weeks

Pre Requisites:

  •  Basic knowledge of how to use windows or linux operating systems.
  •  Windows or Linux operating system based computer.
  •  Basic SQL knowledge.
  • Able to spend 2-3 hrs per day.
  • Positive attitude.

Course Content:

  • DB2 UDB Overview and Installation
  • Creating and Managing Databases
  • Creating and Managing Tables and Implementing Data Integrity
  • Data Manipulation and Data Correlation
  • DB2 UDB Built-in Functions
  • Creating and Managing Views
  • Introduction to SQL/PL Programming
  • Creating and Modifying Procedures and Cursors
  • Creating and Modifying user defined Functions
  • Creating and Modifying Triggers
  • Working with Distributed Data
  • DB2 Security
  • Creating and Managing Indexes
  • Backup/Recovery
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting DB2 Performance
  • DB2 High Availability Concept
  • Replication
  • Migration or Upgrade process.
  • Utilities

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