SQL Basics

SQL stands for Structured Query Language.  Just like Java, C++, COBOL, PHP that one uses to interact with application, SQL is a language that is used to interact with databases.
It does not matter what kind of database engine (RDBMS), you will have to use SQL to communicate with it.  Even though all the vendors follow the ANSI standard SQL for their database engine, there are slight variations for some of them. For example :

  • T-SQL – Microsoft Extensions Running on SQL Server
  • SQL/PL – IBM DB2 Extensions on DB2 UDB
  • PL/SQL – Oracle Extensions running on Oracle Databases

Learning SQL is the first step to get into database programming or administration. Databases are becoming a vital part of an organization and hence the need for database programmers and administrators are increasing.

Skill Level : Beginner

Duration: 2 weeks

Pre Requisites:

  •  Basic knowledge of how to use windows or linux operating systems.
  •  Windows or Linux operating system based computer.
  • Able to spend 2-3 hrs per day.
  • Positive attitude.

Course Content:

  • Databases – An Overview
  • SQL – An Overview
  • Retrieving data
  • Working with Multi-table Queries
  • Using SQL Functions in Queries
  • Grouping Data
  • Create, Modify and Delete Tables and Databases
  • Manipulating data in a Table
  • Working with Views

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