iRed Systems is a technology solution providing company that delivers quality services backed by strong support. With the constantly dynamic technology landscape and needs of businesses, IT is an opportunity to achieve efficiencies, gain a competitive advantage and grow. With our experience and technical know-how, iRed Systems can develop applications that can streamline your business and develop an IT strategy that is unique to your project and organization. Let us help you enrich your business with our service. Whether you are an established business or just thinking about starting out, we can help. iRed Systems has a range of services that extends from Web solutions, backend database development, infrastructure support to training your professionals. We help our clients clarify their long term technology requirements, consider alternatives by exploring options, help them make informed IT decisions and developing a course of action.

iRed Systems Support

System and Database management and support are vital parts in keeping your business running. Systems and databases require timely maintenance and are prone to become problematic if not maintained. Our support specialist can help you with planning,installations,backup strategy,performance tuning to disaster recovery. We have a SWAT team that can help you troubleshoot any of you system and database problem. We can take care of your system and database to deliver optimal performance and availability of your application.

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iRed Web Solutions

These days a web site is a vital ingredient to a business. It has become one of the most effective marketing tool to enrich ones business. We at iRed Systems understand your need for an attractive web site to promote you business. For this very reason, iRed Systems offer the whole suite of web solution package, right from the domain name registration, to planning and design of a web page through hosting the site. If you are not familiar with any of these terms, don’t worry, contact us and we will walk you through each phase of it, as each of them is equally important to the other.

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iRed Training

Our training program will help prepare you for new career  opportunities through instructor led training, hands-on lab, resume writing and interviewing preparation.  Our courses are comprehensive and developed by well known experts in the field. They are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace. All our courses are designed to be non intimidating and we understand that not everybody can understand and learn the same way, so we offer free email the tutor facility for students who has questions outside of class time.

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